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Who are we?

Beehive Solutions is a fast-paced partner with over 20 years of experience in commercial work. With roots from the hotel and real estate industry and experience from everything from Saas to retail, we are a comprehensive partner in rapid growth.

With us, you get all the experience and knowledge from day. From several sectors and from all corners of the world. A foothold in the Nordic region and experience from Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and the USA. With us there are no boundaries.

Frank Ingers, founder


"Sales and commercial leadership  is NOT a role or a function -  it's a mind set.
Just as success is not a result -  it's a culture. "

Diyar "Emil" Bardak, sales expert


Diyar is young and energetic.  Decades of experience is replaced with knowledge, commitment and incredibly high energy.

Diyar specializes in the art of the first conversation. The all-important first point of contact.

The art and Diyar's strength is to create a helpful and responsive environment where the foundation for a long-term customer relationship is laid.

in a short time, Diyar has been able to use his knowledge and his natural talent in Telecom, Property management and web development

"Sales, above all outreach sales, is about helping a customer. The tool is the sale but the reason and the result is to help a client something better"

Frank has over 20 years of experience in sales and commercial work.


He has had the privilege of building and leading complex sales and marketing teams worldwide and in various industries. 

The experience has a foothold in the Nordics but has been built through work in the USA, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and mainland Asia.


The specialty is sales in harmony with marketing and communication. 


Frank builds long-term sales strategies with measurable and simple milestones and goals.

The key words are an inclusive leadership, high energy level and a success factor based on all members being seen, motivated and enthusiastic. 

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